I’ve moved!

Please stay in touch and visit me at my new site, mcnelliswrites.com.

Last Blog Post

This will be my last blog post here. Beginning this winter, I will likely move my site, but I do not think I will resume blogging, as it takes a good deal of time away from writing fiction, and I do not have time right now with school, not really.

For those of you who have faithfully read my blog, thank you for the online company. Your feedback has been appreciated. While I will always have an online presence, I hope to transition to something more structured than my own blog, though I may still seek out guest blog opportunities.

I wish you the best on your blogosphere journeys. 🙂

Homework galore!

I’ve spent roughly twenty-two hours this week on homework. The good news? I’m about two weeks ahead on reading for my classes. Most of the readings have been enjoyable, and all of them have been thought-provoking and/or informative. So, the first week of this crazy term is going well. The two terms following should be a bit easier as far as workload is concerned.

The down-side is that I’m on a reduced kempo schedule. This makes me a little sad but it’s a short-term sacrifice and I have fantastic support from my dojo-family, though I miss them at the classes I can’t attend.


Grades are in

Grades Terms 1-3

Dig Deep

There are five days left of this term. Just five! It’s time now to dig deep and finish up my work for these two classes. In the next five days, I have to:

– Write my final explication initial post and respond to two others (Medieval Lit).

– Finish writing my term paper for Medieval Lit.

– Write my final discussion posts for Studies in Place and Setting.

– Revise two stories for Studies in Place and Setting.

Once that work is complete, I will be halfway through my MA program, which feels a bit surreal. I’ve forgotten what it feels like not to have homework, but while I am enjoying my studies, I also look forward to the absence of homework in my weekly schedule. I do, technically, have a week off between terms but I will likely start some homework for my next classes next week.