Guest Appearances

Guest blogs, author interviews, etc… These sites have been kind enough to welcome me.

Guest Posts

Three Ways to Win pep talk posted on JuNoWriMo June 6, 2014.

E is for Exciting Becca Campbell invited me to share my JuNoWriMo 2013 experience–published April 5, 2014.

5 Tips to Win JuNoWriMo guest posted on Unicorn Bell June 7, 2013.

EarthOutdoor From July 18, 2012 through August 16, 2012, I blogged about living in Connecticut, enjoying the outdoors. (See archive here.)

Major History I wrote about Art History in August 2012. (See archived article here.)


Fictitious Magazine interview posted in January 2013. (Contact me to view the interview.)

JuNoWriMo interview posted June 3, 2013.

The Peasants Revolt interview posted June 11, 2013.