Magazine & Newspaper Articles

Puppets Rule: The Puppets of Stony Creek, New Haven Magazine, January/February 2011. Title links to online version of the magazine.  If you cannot access it, please contact me for a clip.

When New England Tipped And Long Island Sound Was A Freshwater Lake; Hammonasset Archeology and Geology Talk Reveals Wealth of Information, published on Patch March 2011.

Purple Martins, After Flying 5,000 Miles In 7 Days, Need A Nice Place To Live; Here’s How You Can Help, published on Patch March 2011.

R. J. Julia Initiates Program To Help Support Local Youth Groups, Clubs, And Sports Teams, published on Patch March 2011.

Discussion With Roxanne Coady Yields New Ideas For Future Of R.J. Julia, published on Patch February 2011.

Several Habits of Highly Effective Teens, published on Patch April 2011.