Homework galore!

I’ve spent roughly twenty-two hours this week on homework. The good news? I’m about two weeks ahead on reading for my classes. Most of the readings have been enjoyable, and all of them have been thought-provoking and/or informative. So, the first week of this crazy term is going well. The two terms following should be a bit easier as far as workload is concerned.

The down-side is that I’m on a reduced kempo schedule. This makes me a little sad but it’s a short-term sacrifice and I have fantastic support from my dojo-family, though I miss them at the classes I can’t attend.

Dig Deep

There are five days left of this term. Just five! It’s time now to dig deep and finish up my work for these two classes. In the next five days, I have to:

– Write my final explication initial post and respond to two others (Medieval Lit).

– Finish writing my term paper for Medieval Lit.

– Write my final discussion posts for Studies in Place and Setting.

– Revise two stories for Studies in Place and Setting.

Once that work is complete, I will be halfway through my MA program, which feels a bit surreal. I’ve forgotten what it feels like not to have homework, but while I am enjoying my studies, I also look forward to the absence of homework in my weekly schedule. I do, technically, have a week off between terms but I will likely start some homework for my next classes next week.

Term Papers Terminated

Or submitted, at the very least. My whole weekend was devoted to finishing drafts, editing, writing abstracts…I’m glad it’s done. I’m loving grad school so far, but these two classes were very demanding. Six papers between the two of them (in the last 10 weeks) and a weekly average of nine forum posts that I spent an average of 45 minutes writing…each.

But I feel pretty good about my grades and, even more important, about what I’ve learned so far. Next term I’ll be taking a writing class and a literature class–the former is going to require that I write some short fiction. I’m really looking forward to that. I try to write it when I have time, but like my blog posts, the fun writing had to take backseat to the course requirements.

In this last week, there’s not much that I need to do in the way of school work. I’m going to take it easy a bit, because the next term starts in a week.

5 Goals Update #2

Okay, so my goal to memorize all of Mozart’sĀ Sonata 16 in C Maj by the end of vacation is going to be pretty unrealistic. I’m adjusting it to the month of January because after mapping out remaining practice sessions, I realized I’d have to play for hours each day for the next week to meet my original goal. While mentally I could easily sustain that, my fingers start to turn to jelly after about an hour.

As for my other goals, I’m well on track. I’m going to go ahead and check off goal #3, which was to have an all-night writing fest. We ended up going to sleep at 3:30 am, but picked up the next day for a few hours. I’m sure there will be more late nights this week writing, but considering 1:30 am is usually my self-induced cut off, I’m going to count this goal as complete.

Remaining Goals

1. Get started on my classes. Can’t really start this until tomorrow when they go online. Perhaps today I’ll finish getting my class calendars in order.

2. Practice Nanglese North. I have 35 more times to go, but first have to watch the video I have of it a few times to get the ending down. Given that the torrential rains are keeping me inside today, this might be good for when I get sick of sitting at my desk.

3. Update my website. I’ve not touched this goal at all yet. I might save this one for the end of the week or next weekend. There’s a good chance we’re going to get a snow storm toward the end of the week so I might yet again be stuck inside (I don’t really mind).

4. MemorizeĀ Sonata 16 – Due now on 1/31/13. I’m not very far along with this, but I mapped out the next week of practice goals. If I manage to get that much down this week, I know I’ll be in good shape for the month.