Grades are in

Grades Terms 1-3

Dig Deep

There are five days left of this term. Just five! It’s time now to dig deep and finish up my work for these two classes. In the next five days, I have to:

– Write my final explication initial post and respond to two others (Medieval Lit).

– Finish writing my term paper for Medieval Lit.

– Write my final discussion posts for Studies in Place and Setting.

– Revise two stories for Studies in Place and Setting.

Once that work is complete, I will be halfway through my MA program, which feels a bit surreal. I’ve forgotten what it feels like not to have homework, but while I am enjoying my studies, I also look forward to the absence of homework in my weekly schedule. I do, technically, have a week off between terms but I will likely start some homework for my next classes next week.


Busy Bee

Grad school and kempo have kept me busy the last week and a half, as well as a visit from family. I’ve not had the chance to do the writing prompts, short as they are, though I will continue soon (and may have to pursue them as I have time to do so).

Tonight, in addition to many hours of reading, I did all of my kempo basics, 38 combos, and 18 forms. Now I’m going to go to sleep–I hope to have the chance to write a prompt up on Monday (I have a rough draft for one of my final research papers due Sunday night so it’s unlikely you’ll see something from me creative-writing wise before then).